I am starting a new photo project about love in which I would like to include as many different people as possible. I need quotes from letters, texts or emails. They can be either from friends or lovers and they can be either typed out or they can be (preferably) scans/photos. I will create a photo based on the message you send me. The message will accompany the image where ever I post it. The photos may appear in a book I am working on over summer.

If you would like to be anonymous please say so, if not please add the name or initials of the sender. Please email me your submission at or feel free to ask me a question about it here

I will also need people to model for the photos. No previous modelling experience is need.

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Sorry for the lack of uploads. Life is sorta crazy! On friday I did my first wedding and I was the only photographer! Easily the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done concerning photography. So I may upload a few of those here but not for a good while. I also handed my photography portfolio into two colleges but I wont know how I got on in that for a little while. I’ve loads of shoots planned for the summer and maybeee a photo book might be a possibility. Im also working on an online portfolio.

n0wthen said: Pembrokeshire (South Wales) is absolutely gorgeous! Go there!!! :o

Oooh I’ll check it out :)

aoife17inwood said: go to dorset, south west england! take pictures of monkeys and cool things ;)

Might do that Aoife! Especially take photos of monkeys! ;)

Because I’m getting an operation on my ear in the summer I wont be able to fly. This means England/Wales are the only options. So can people tell me some places that would be cool and photogenic to go to? Preferably near the sea/ a lake!

I have no words about your work. Is FANTASTIC!!! And you're only 17! I'm curious to see what you're gonna do in 10 years :) Please, don't stop :) - Andrea -

Thank you! :) Well 18 now! I wont stop :)